Coagula - a Perl SDK for Quake3

Coagula is a Perl SDK (Software Development Kit) for id software's Quake3.  Coagula is a tool for programmers to use to create Quake3 mods using Perl.  If you need to ask why, then you need to get down with Perl.  If you need to ask about the poem up top, then you need to get down with Paul Celan.  Perl, Quake3 and Paul Celan are intimatelyrelated.

The first release of Coagula will run on the Linux Quake3 server.  Future versions might include the client libraries and Windows builds, providing I get sufficiently crafty on the crap.  As you can probably imagine, Coagula is not going to work inside the confines of the QVM - you'll need to take the leap of faith and use a native library.  To help you along in that leap I'll be providing full source and MD5 checksums of each build.

Check out the Coagula page at SourceForge to use the discussion forums, browse the CVS tree, and download the latest release when it comes due.  If you want to get involved, or just want to tell me that Perl sucks dick, that's the place to do it.

Sam Tregar,